Why I haven’t released New Thesis Skins Recently

If you’ve been following -or a member of- ThesisAwesome.com, then probably you know that I haven’t released any new Skins for Thesis since a while. But, this doesn’t mean I am getting lazy, or I lost my interest in the project. Not at all, I am just waiting for the right moment since Thesis 2.0 is already in the market, and its first launch didn’t really went well.

Update: Good bye Thesis! I no longer develop for you!

Since the release of Thesis 2.0, many users wanted to make the switch, they were surprised, and most of them got really confused by the way this new Framework works.

Thesis 2.0 shipped with great functionality that has never been available for developers. Features that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Surprisingly, many people just didn’t get it, probably for the lack of imagination.

I got involved in the Thesis private testing group, which has been great experience. I had the chance to watch the framework enhanced in front of my eyes, and I became more confident of what I believe in.

I knew -being part of the testing group- it will take a while till we see the enhanced Framework. today, and finally… Thesis 2.1 beta is out, a new era in WordPress Themes development already began.

With that being said, I can tell the reason why I haven’t developed much for Thesis 2 is simply because I know my members, and I know what pain this will cost them, so I advised them not to make the switch from Thesis 1.x to 2.x till I personally give them the green light.

By doing this, and because there is nothing wrong with the older stable version, I think I made a good decision for my members and clients.

In my personal opinion, I consider Thesis 2 the most powerful WordPress Theme Framework on the planet (Today) and I think everyone should give it a go (on a test site).

I advise you to stick with the stable 1.8.5 version till Thesis 2.1 goes out of beta, so that you can enjoy a hassle free experience.